29 June 2011

Letter To ECHELON-5

Hey, I was wondering, can I have back my box of flipbook stuff?  My tour is wrapping up and i've been waiting to hear from you.  I have not been successful, raising only $800 of the $10,000 requested for the printing of flipbooks through phoenix press.  This offer continues until October 2nd.  

The link to that project is here, or go to Kickstarter and search keyword "flipbooks."

In other news, recently set up a table at the East Rock Street Fair, where I let kids play machine operator with "STEREO SOLAR," whereby essentially they pretend to put solar panels on my board game with the ancient device known as Armatron.  The story of STEREO SOLAR is that there was a guy who had a record company.  And one day, the record company needed solar panels.  So they had to figure out how to install them, because everybody was giving them a hard time.  Then, it became apparent to the record company owner that it would be quite simple to start an installation company that made practical sense to people, and not rip everybody off like the guys he was asking for help in the first place.  Thus began the Team known as STEREO SOLAR.  It was composed of an alt-country singer, "Catfish," played by (name someone), and "Cinnamon," who is an African Drummer (based on Lansana Toure).  I think it would bring much joy to people, to see a cartoon about two installers (who are also musicians), and their epic adventures in SolarLand, where they meet new people, install PV Systems, run into problems, and occasionally play music at night with their friends.  

That's the life for me!  I know there's a lot bundled in there but I would like to get to work on creating a pilot for the Stereo Solar cartoon, and maybe playing it to a couple of networks.  And by networks, I mean like the ones on the TV.  It would not surprise me if there was a TV Station interested in having this kind of an intelligent cartoon (and also educational, since it involves installing solar panels).  I would not also be surprised if every network suppressed the show's existence, purely because its positive message conflicts with their agenda.  That said, it's possible that it might only have to be a show on the web.  But that's ok, as long as I can pay for my studio (which is $500/mo), then I can make the show, and not worry about losing my place (meaning my house/apt. studio).  

"I know it's much to ask, but this is life I guess and some people know what they're doing.  Others just watch."  -LS Aristotle, referring to Space Pirate

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