29 June 2011

Nasa Takes A Break

We all know that there are some serious issues at hand, now that NASA has launched its last Atlantis mission, with no future manned space flights in sight.

Could this be a sign that the SpacePirate has completely taken over?  Space Travel is now almost entirely privatized, even though it should be regulated so badly, we don't even realize how important this could be.  By only allowing private companies the ability to fly spacecraft, merely with their availability of finances in a system they themselves rigged up, we are creating a significant problem for ourselves.  Namely, only wealthy people can now really engage in space travel.  That doesn't ensure that you can find the best pilots available.  You'll end up not being able to determine who should control what.  That's the feeling you get when you take away something that should be available to the public.  So I hold on to this NY Times, for the future.  It's the last time we're going to see a space shuttle on the front page for who knows how long.

"It's a long way to go before we can rest, but it's all for the best."
~Thom Yorke, covering Mark Mulcahy's "All For The Best"

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