20 June 2011

LineLoad Update

Greg Teschendorf and Ian Applegate, solar electricians, 
are offering educators access their information as 
professional solar installers through the program, "LineLoad."

LineLoad teaches the principles of distributed generation 
to you kids, from guys who built stuff like what you see below.  
Since there's no money in the system to build anymore, 
and it looks like solar is getting put back on the shelf again, 
we now have more time to spend giving you and your family 
a better education with Solar Energy.  

30 x SPR-230's = Watt ???

Ian Applegate writes:

Maybe you've noticed, or perhaps you haven't, that we live in a world where we continuously use a fuel that we know is damaging to our environment, which we also know that there's a limited quantity of. 

Many experts seem to believe that we can go about our business, consuming massive quantities of oil around the world for the rest of time, and there will be plenty of it as we gradually switch to renewable energy.  I have a difficult time believing this, because we are not moving fast enough, we're not trying hard enough, and there seems to be some sort of necessary emergency to get the world to take the issue seriously.  

I'm also not stating any of this to be alarmist.  I'm just suggesting that we should be more proactive about preparing for this future, by learning more and understanding more about solar energy.  

And that's why I am helping to develop http://LineLoad.Org
Ian Applegate

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