11 July 2011

Space Pirate Music DJ

What better way to show appreciation for the amassed culture I've been given, than to remix my Legos and blame them for copyright infringement.

There's much, much more to this story.

Space Pirate, or SP as also referred, is a Lego Spaceman from another galaxy.  It is your job to determine what galaxy his is from, by following the patterns of his spacetravels.

Space Pirate downloads Earth Music in his ship.  He gets them by hacking Aristotle's computers.  Aristotle gets the Earth Music from the Radio Antenna equipment on his ship.  That antenna is directly linked to the transmission of the SETI program, here on Planet Earth.

Click This Image To Enter Site "SpacePirate.Co.UK"

Aristotle is searching for a RCA IN space portal so that he can emerge through one of the televisions on Earth.  He has been instructing a human being on how to modify a television set so that he can enter through it.  The human being who lets Aristotle into his room is unaware when the accident happens, and the equipment works!

In addition to being a terrible DJ, Space Pirate is also a terrible Emcee.  

Space Pirate follows soon behind Aristotle, bringing with him an arsenal of mixed up and confused jarbles of the original material that was swiped from the Humans along in their travels.  His goal is to give you his interpretation of your culture by taking your material and reorganizing it anyway he wants.

The difference between LS Aristotle and Space Pirate

Both are Lego Spacemen.  Yes, this is true.  Aristotle has a white helmet, he doesn't have an eyepatch or stubble.  SpacePirate's facial hair is a little overgrown and something has happened to his eye, perhaps, unless there's a computer underneath the other eyepatch.  Who knows?  It's all kind of up for grabs, as far as plot.  Here's a video of the two of them, battling eachother:

The real difference between Aristotle and Space Pirate, in concert, is that Aristotle's music is all-original electronic, where as SpacePirate's contains an infinite amount of samples, and very little "orchestration." Both artists come from my many years fuddling around with Propellerheads Reason software, composing midi symphonies and remixes alike.

Dichotomizing my music between the songs with samples (Space Pirate)_ and the ones without (Aristotle) also keeps me from making the mistake of charging money for Space Pirate songs, which I cannot because I don't have the rights to the samples (heck, I don't even know if I have the rights to the Legos).  There are many people who are a bit confused by this.

I hope that I do a sufficient job of explaining, because the SpacePirate / LS Aristotle shows are supposed to be really awesome and amazing, once they're finally ready to be played.  Each will contain a different theme.  One will be more live electronic instruments, the other?  More of a mashup-remix type of thing.

You can get an idea of where I'm at with the mashups, by checking on the Spacepirate website.  As you can tell, like most pirates, SP is British in origin, and stands a chance at sweeping Aristotle under the rug by demeaning his original music as "irrelevant!"

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