11 July 2011

Phiction RPG concept

Phiction was supposed to be a role-playing game where you are capable of watching multiple videos on screen while you through a spy story about kids in their teens, twenties and thirties who change the entire world around and make it a better place.

If you succeed at this game, you avert World War 3.  You must collect points in order to prevent that from happening.  If you fail, then, well I suggest you start over again.  The game begins in 1996.  It ends in 2001.

If you would like to essentially see more about this particular game, contact me directly and we can talk about it.  There is much more to this plot than you think.  The story is written spontaneously during the filming process, and the ideas are based on a "Plot Foundation."

Plot Foundation.

The plot foundation resembles more of a literary structure than a storyline.  It just says that you must have a certain number of characters to call it an episode, a certain number of explosions, running scenes, kissing scenes, these are all mandatory.  The entire project is not supposed to be higher than a PG-13 rating.  Kissing is okay, and if it implies something more sauntry, then that's ok as long as you don't release the sauntry stuff.  What's sauntry?  I mean sultry.  There ya go.

After the plot foundation is established, we begin filming sequences.  We will generate enough attention in the world by having cards that we pass out to people pertaining to where the film can be seen, which is online perhaps at its own website location, or on a YouTube Channel.  People we randomly meet can be featured in the films if they wish.  We will use minimal equipment and try to operate outside of the law where you ask people if you can film at their locations, unless we think that it's a location we might use a few times, in which it's better to request for permission (offering a small % based on the number of people who watch their episode).

Voting at Live Screenings VS Playing at Home.

The films can be released at a drive-in movie theater.  Patrons of the movie will be asked to participate in the direction of the plot by entering information with their smartphones while watching the film.  It would be suggested to plug in their phone to charge while using the app, because people without the application opened can't actually get to the vote on time.

The votes direct the plots in the live screenings, whereas the user decides the plot with the clicks.  This type of film emulates the TimeLangauge component.

Time Language is a visual language that assists you in understanding multilinear plot techniques and how to write them.  It was written a long time ago, by a robot from outerspace...

Sorry4Graffiti:  Example of a plot with timelanguage components.
PhictionRPG:  A look at what the site might look like.  

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