11 July 2011

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Solar Electricity.  Even if the technology was affordable, we wouldn't
be prepared for it.  You realize that you're responsible for the electrical
system in your home.  And if you rent, then your landlord is responsible.
So if you have a difficult enough time understanding how your existing
electrical system functions, how in the world will you ever feel prepared
for adding additional features to it which generate all your power on
bright and sunny days?  That's what this guidebook is for.

That's why I made the cartoon, the flipbook, the efficiency wheel, the board game, the website, the video, and the teacher's reference.  After I lost my job as a solar installer for a Solar Company, I went on to write as much as I possibly could, because I knew that my old job was going the way of the dinosaur.

I thought that the best strategy to stay alive doing something solar energy-related was to produce a curriculum that best explained the  procedure, from site evaluation, to design, to installation.  There's even a little section on maintenance in there.  For Surely, Cris Shirley!  That's an associate of mine.  That's the other thing- I found great associates!  People who have credentials that want to work with me.  In essence, by degrees of association, I have several.

That said, now that we have combined forces with a few other people, let's get down to the busy side of things.  There's a ton of work to be done, and if solar energy was affordable and available for everyone, we would have to be ready to implement it with the speed in which we invaded Afghanistan.  I don't know why America rushes into these things.  This entire nation was founded in a hurry, and it seems that the only real slow decisions we ever made were in getting involved with WW1 and WW2.  Everything else from acquisition of the continent to launching a moon landing has been rush, rush rush.  It's time to slow the rush down and talk about solar, so hush.

I can show you what an inverter is. You might someday have one in your home.  Then again, you might also go to a friend's house, and impress your friend with your knowledge of their system.  There is so much cool stuff that you can do, just by learning!  It makes you more prepared.

The material on the website does not reflect the full content of the academic package.  It was developed in part with a little help from the Horace Mann School's John Dorr Nature Laboratory, working with the administrators there on how to dial in the material so that it can be taught.  It was also tested at the Foote School, in New Haven, where it received some e-mail applause from parents with children thought to be generally inattentive to lessons.  Believe me, this kid was glued to his seat when I started telling him about the harness saved me from falling off a rooftop.  That's part of the safety module.

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