18 May 2011

Dream: Re: YouTube Desktop App

All the details aside from this imaginary world, what I really am staying up late to describe is a vision that I had while almost asleep. I imagined a desktop app bouncing around on my Macintosh desktop, of a YouTube logo (insert graphic). This desktop app was designed to work cross-platform on both Mac and PC. It imported footage from cellphones and video cams with hard drives. it processes videos and automatically optimizes everything specifically for YouTube. It's easier to use than iMovie but it has the features of Final Cut Pro. You can link into your YouTube account and upload directly after saving the video. It even has tools to help you annotate the video. A desktop software video editing program for YouTube would be more popular to download than Chrome. It would benefit society by making video editing software more accessible. It would be more practical in data flow than a web-based video editor. Down The Road Remember that all YouTube is based in Flash (swf's, flv's, that whole mess). That's just the way it started. iPhone gets away with allowing YouTube on it while excluding all other forms of Flash content. I bet it was a real pain in the ass to make that the case. It still might be valuable to obtain Flash from Adobe, especially when 95% of Flash content on the web happens to be YouTube. Because Flash can be pretty powerful. You could potentially build a whole phone OS on it. Might as well acquire Fireworks, something Adobe acquired but never developed. it was to be replaced by Photoshop from the start, yet as a piece of software, it is very functional and highly intuitive. If you want to have your own OS, it would help to begin with software.

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