14 December 2010

Art Show Pieces

What do the notebooks mean?  You might ask yourself this question on occasion.  I certainly do, as well, and I happened to write the darned things.

The meaning behind each booklet is revealed as you make your way full-circle across the path of understanding.  My language is only a conduit for ideas to be shared.  Pictures can also share the ideas, in fact.  There's even more to be drawn from pictures than a picture can draw for you, with a few simple ubiquitous symbols on the line.

Feature Design:

Board Game, for the website, LineLoad.Org

Conceptually, this project was years in the making.  Since the very first day of learning how to become a solar installer, I was made aware that the information was only travelling verbally, and hardly any of the really important, useful information was being written down.  Now, I realize that the manufacturers don't want the public to know how to install.  There's actually a bit of a war going on against progress, and the electricians are fighting it, in a weird way.  It's been interesting to take note of the developments of this industry.

Not everything is all industrial, though.  
You can make one yourself using foamboard, glue, paper, and magnets.  You can design a solar electrical system on your refrigerator, and i can show you how. 

First step is to read the unpublished book, "LineLoad: The Story of CatFish and CinnaMon" then to take what you learned and apply it to the math exercises that bring you to the board game.  

Learn about how to use the efficiency wheel.
There is a mini-notebook available, for sale at the show.  

Paintings In The Show.
Spraypaint on Canvas.  Conceptual Ideas.

Aether-Net (painting). 

This painting allows you to look and see what a fresh painting you can make, with a canvas and some spraypaint.  There is an instructional guide on how to make your own paintings that look identical to Aether-Net's.

But it's more than just an art kit for families that want to make their own stencil artwork murals.  It's also the potential for a worldwide web of inhibition, where censorship is the rule when it comes to vulgarity and predatory behavior, but not to free speech.  Aether-Net. is a website that i am designing, which allows users to build little spaceships and travel the galaxy in search of intelligent life and conversation.  It's a chat room that uses ships to communicate.  There's no fighting.  Only communication, and that's what the ethernet cable is for.

Aether-Net (painting). 

This painting allows you to look and see what a fresh painting you can make, with a canvas and some spraypaint.  There is an instructional guide on how to make your own paintings

Notebooks In The Show. 
Framed, in Groups.  Here are the titles.

Flipbook Island (framed set of drawings). 

This piece essentially shows you how to dribble a basketball, but it also teaches you how to draw somebody dribbling.  That's the whole purpose of flipbook island.  It's a learning program which teaches people how to make animations work for them.  It's an entirely self-taught process with infinite possibility in terms of where it can take you.  Maybe it's pointless, perhaps it's a worthless skill.  But I tend to believe that animation sequences could be the next big thing in person-to-person communication, as the world moves away from the web for a while in the new novel, "The Barista."

Great Tattoos (framed ideas, suggestions)

I welcome the idea of designing tattoos.  With experience knowing great tattoo artists, I am aware that if your tattoo artist is bookd until next September, that means two things.  One is that you'll know for sure that you definitely want the tattoo by then.  And two, the artist is requested and in demand.

Not really to be played with

>> Traffic Light Remote
>> Backfeeder

Compact Discs.

In person, I can hand you a music CD filled with songs from 2010 that I made.
Most of my music is available already online at the Stereomedia Albums page:

The music on the CD is strictly unique though, with hand-stenciled labels that have been specially designed to make it truly a one of a kind gift.  As I hand out music, know that these are the same hands that pressed the buttons to make the bass go "thump."

Little Booklets.

These are not traditional zines.  I didn't meticulously cut out passages and phrases from other persons.  Not obscure stuff that you were handed by some gutter punk.  I've been in that situation.  These are hand-written, then hand-copied and scanned, often on interesting paper.  Most are short, while others are comprehensive.  Four of them assemble the entire series known as "Audiomatic Expressions."

Things I Left At Home.

Not mentioned in this art show is the assembly of a top-secret projects, devoted to a written form of global communication.  It's not a spoken language, but rather a pictoglyphic assembly of geometric shapes, meant to be the most intuitive form of translating ideas ever invented.  Not that it hasn't been done before.  The most modern language is English, by most standards.  And even that's pretty old, dating back 400 years.  It's time for something new, that meets Eastern and Western approaches towards understanding language.  Something with rules of syntax and parts of speech, and symbols that actually resemble the objects they're meant to describe.  

The 400-page volume of characters will be the first of its kind.  But it's noted that there will eventually be other versions.  These differences will be subtle, and will be known as Visual Dialects.


Another pictoglyphic style of writing.  Instead of words, again we use symbols.  These pictures are a language in and of itself, only understood by skateboarders.  Here's the thing.  It would take a good skateboarder to understand this notebook.  It is written in hopes that reading it will help you become a bette skateboarder, by helping the reader visualize the process of motion in every type of tricks.  It also enhances the experience of the skateboard viewer/entheusiast, in a manner that has never been done in literature.  By comparing the images in the sequence, one to another, it helps you grasp the concepts of skateboarding in a milli-moment by milli-second kind of way. 

This is available only as a special view, and not on display.

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