15 December 2010

Attend The Art Show!


Why make art?  Is this a very good question?  I think not.  How could we possibly not make art?

The most important thing is the meaning behind the art.  Not that it's just a pretty picture.  Or a picture-making machine.  We make art for a reason, and it's to draw people into our ideas.  I hope your ideas are good.

To quote Jenny Lewis, "If you sing a song, sing a song for them."

My meaning is to explain the universe to people that never had the time to think about it.  In my life, there were years spent confined to my spaceship that I call the room where I live.  It's gone through many changes.  The configuration of devices has changed many times over the years.  Right now, the SpaceShip is in top order.  That goes with the metaphor of the story of "The Alien."

I'll be there from 7-9, and probably a little earlier.

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