04 December 2010

Town Of New Haven Show: 1 Hr. Episode

Aristotle opens the scene explaining traffic lights, leasing, and pollution.  Somehow it all connects.  Storm Trooper reports back to base on the activities of the underground.  Then we take a walk downtown and pay some people to play some music.  Meanwhile the sound of the show intermittently becomes interrupted by bad editing skills.  This is made up for at about 6:25 at the onset of the smurfs video, also seen on the Stereomedia video page.  At 11:30 we ask a parking guy if he has a soul, to which he has no comment.  (Interestingly enough, you can find the same guy at (?:??) explaining where the box of "womens cloths" came from).  Then Aristotle explores New York.  We go through the missing flipbook "Castle of Normandy" which was later given to a homeless veteran in Montreal, Canada.  Lost underpants at 21:54.  24:00, a bad tag sale.  Then go to the Land Trust event with Chris Randall, and check out a fresh event.  At 21:50.  Smoke out some bees at 28:00.  At 35:00 Darth Jedi comes out and plays some super 8 films in a backyard in westville.  At about 38:00 watch the jedi flipbook.  Space Cowboy takes you back to NYC to check out more graffiti at the Shepherd Fairey mural on E. Houston St.  We even go behind the scenes to check out the Os Gemeos wall, at 41:00.  Then at 45:00, sneak into a different public access show.  46:00 we attempt some stop-motion animation, and robot claws come out to operate on a spoon.  Oscilloscope at 51:00.  Most importantly, come check out the greatest wind turbine in all of New Haven!  That footage begins at 54:00.  Then Kid Analog plays some guitar at the end.

There are no swear words or anything.  If I were a rating system, I'd say this was PG or something similar.

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