03 December 2010

Channel One Art Show: Status: Installed.

In this photo, you see a stack of national geographics from the 1980's (in Yellow).  Above, are an Archer video comparator, and an Archer Video Mixer.

To the left, on which the light shines, is an oscilloscope.  It is wired to my stereo.  There is a camera attached to it.  I film hours of music, put into wave form by this device.  These tapes are practical in many senses.  They can help you sleep, dream, or have better thoughts.  It's not mindless to watch these tapes.  It's mindful.

Waveform videos treach (try to reach) your brain with simple common patterns that get out the kinks in your thoughts.  You will experience less indecision, and more clarity of ideas by watching these tapes.  You might even have new ideas.  The tapes are only available on VHS, in quantities of abundance.  Simply order them at my art exhibit.

The art exhibit of collected pieces from 2010 is on display at Channel One Gallery.  On display are some framed pictures of original drawings.

By now you may be asking what Stereomedia is, when really the question might be, what can Stereomedia become?

Currently, StereoMedia is a concept that was devised in my room somewhere in the 1990's when I was in high school.  The concept is simple.  If we can teach self-education, then art isn't inaccessible.  In fact, it's very accessible.  It's not about putting things out of reach and asking others to acknowledge the pedistal.  It's about drawing out the plans to that place where we can all be able to produce art and communicate through different media.

Altogether it's going to be a good experience, whether or not you get there for the show, because it's worth it to check out Channel 1 just to see what they have.  I'm not a real proponent of compulsory spending, but if people are expecting gifts and you buy them at Channel 1, then you can expect they will be surprised.

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