01 December 2014

Apps for Awesomeness

This article is about Mobile Video editing and describes 5 different apps: LoMotif, Over, Hyperlapse, Union, and SloPro. It also shows how to incorporate these apps into your Instagram posts for a look that appears polished and professional.

Instagram allows you to post images at 640px by 640px or video 15 seconds in length at max, with sound, to its platform. 

In this article. I'm going to point out how to create above-average videos and images on photo sharing platforms like Instagram with the best apps available. Many of the ones listed here are free, but a couple of them cost $2 or $3 which is less than a pint of beer, so I think you can afford to invest in something that will help you create something even better than normal on your instagram, which is presently the most autobiographical platform available on the internet, in my opinion. 

These apps have been tested and are proven to work the most efficiently in creating on-the-go image and video creation and modification and are highly recommended. 

For Video

First up is Hyperlapse. This is free and it's produced by Instagram. Sometimes I think that Facebook buying Instagram didn't actually help it grow. I don't know why I think that sometimes. But Hyperlapse is how to turn 1:30 of video into :15 just really really fast. It also contains a stabilization feature which is really excellent. You can create videos which are longer than :15 of course; these can be as long as you want them to be. You can choose levels of compression, for example whether you'd like to speed up your video by 2x or by 12x. The videos it creates has no sound, whatsoever.

So that's where LoMotiv comes in.
Lomotif allows you to add music to your videos from your iTunes library. It's the kind of app that if ASCAP found out about, they'd probably shut it down or something. So maybe get it while you can; The app is free but it comes with a watermark. It's highly advised to get the watermark out by simply paying for the app. It has no effects you can add to the audio. I believe it has some built in visual filters. It doesn't trim videos very well, and it cuts them square. So keep that in mind when you're importing into LoMotiv. In fact, whether importing from Hyperlapse or from SloPro (or even just a regular video), you're going to want to go into the native Photos app on your iPhone and trim the video to the part and the length you want. If you'd like to combine multiple clips, look into downloading iMovie ($10) but that's way more work than we're trying to do here in under 2 minutes. LoMotif will export your video into your library without the sound, but with a new audio track you selected. 


SloPro does exactly the opposite of what Hyperlapse does. It slows things down, and does an amazing job of doing this smoothly.

The app is free but you need to spend I think $3 on getting it to export the videos that it takes into your camera photo library. So, that's how they get ya. It's still worth it because some things (waves, fire, other natural phenomenon) look better in slow motion rather than faster. This app does produce sound, unlike Hyperlapse, but the sound is often muddled and it's better to still export from SloPro into the native Photo app, trim the video, and then add sound to it in LoMotif before uploading it to Instagram.

That's how I've been doing those, for example.

For Still-Frame Images

Over lets you place text "Over" the photos in your libary. This is done very easily. You can adjust the size, color, and transparency of the text. There are a variety of fonts, and more that you can buy. The best part of Over is just how easy it is to use, and how quickly you can create messages. It might take just a little bit longer than including the text in a message but it's also really easy to include words in a photo and text that particular image to a friend. Those are always fun.

Union allows you to superimpose 2 different images any way you want to, with varying opacity. It's the best way to include custom watermarks for particular images if you're trying to brand an image.

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