28 September 2011

Ryan Cyr: Mouldmatic

This new website from Stereomedia is for Ryan Cyr, who used to work at Lulu in our neighborhood.  He makes music, builds stained glass, makes other projects with woodworking, and a number of other talented things.  Nobody really knows about how great his artwork is...  until now!

Mouldmatic.  A name given to the website by Ryan himself.  "Mould" is the name of his aesthetic motif.  It comes across in everything he does, such that it remains consistent no matter what the medium.  That's what makes Ryan a good artist- he is well-rounded and his art comes from the world around him. 

His skills could be used for crafts, such as housebuilding, custom moulding (no pun intended), and a variety of productive ends and means.  Ryan considers himself a scientist, in that he thinks about the world like one.  He analyzes things and tries to understand them.  Without words, without pages, without influence.  He is a student of nature, and in nature the classroom is all around us.  

Visit his website and see the following great sections: 
1.  enter.  Get in there and see what's around:  [glass] [drawings] [photos] [sculptures]
2.  listen/watch.  At the bottom, there are additional items which let you hear and listen to things.

Mouldmatic.Com was made using a variety of modification techniques, and Dreamweaver

modification technique #1.  Style Sheets.
modification technique #2.  DIV Boxes (coming soon)


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