20 March 2011


Art at the Bru Show is FOR SALE, but all of the proceeds for these items are going to charity.
The charities are listed (below).


Bike Light Item is for sale, all proceeds go towards Mitchell Dubey's family fund.

BRU CAFE live drawing 6-10PM.  Please Attend!

Burd's Item is the Footbridge of Elm Street, which does not exist (except this drawing).  

One of the framed pictures' sale will go towards helping Burd get better.  For those of you who remember, Christopher Burdette (local chef) left town a few years ago to be closer to his hometown, Baltimore, probably so that he could see more O's games.  An unfortunate circumstance involving some assailants has left him hosptalized now, and he has been for quite some time.  The problem is that he has lost much of his memory.  The plan is to produce a video using old footage from when he was a New Haven resident, to see if this video stuff somehow sparks some remblance of recognition when it comes to remembering things that used to happen a long time ago.  I have to be selective in determining what kind of video I create, because if it is footage that he does not remember, it will not help his memory recovery process.  The videos must contain footage of people he knew, or places he would recognize.  The hope is that if he can connect to a memory from that far back, it may be possible that the synaptic structure of our brains is time-related, and it would resonate into memories from times and places before and after his time spent here in New Haven.  I knew I filmed all that stuff for a reason. 

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