21 March 2011

Art Show April 1, 2011 :: Bru :: Illustrator Showcase

I don't know who did this, but it's pretty funny. 

If you're not oblivious, you should be aware of the latest art show that is presented via LipGlossCrisis. 

If we fixed your chicken fix, with chicken, clearly we can fix your art fix with none other than...  coffee! of course.  that is the modus operand.  My show will be essentially designs and inventions, printed on paper that I found in the recycling at Sterling Library.  These printed documents are from the 1890's, and they're Polish census material, as far as I can gather by my own deduction.

I have printed inventions that I plan to create over the next five years. I call this my "Five Year Plan."


Buncha good people.  Andy, Chris1 and Chris2 are all awesome.  


Attending will be some of New Haven's most talented artists.  Showcased will be Chris Uminga, Andy BlackUnicorn, and Chris Dimenna, whose name is spelled incorrectly on TownOfNewHaven.  That's of very little consequence.  The point is, these are great artists, and I regard all of these guys are actually more accomplished professionals than I am.  While i have all of them beat in kwH installed, probably, i cannot say that anyone at Miya Sushi is wearing my teeshirt.  

(Noticed, recently:  Waiter ("Nate" he says his name is) wearing an Andy "New Haven" tee.  )

Uminga refers to himself as a "Fan Art" type, but that gets confusing when you consider me a fan of a fan.   

Andy is repsonsible for hand-making much of the merch for what we consider the local music scene.  

Chris Dimmenna :  He works at LoveCraft.  Real good dude.  I remember that one thing did not change in 14 years:  he's still great at picking out songs; they call that Deejaying.  

I may DJ some Stereo-tunes as well.

BRU live drawing CAFE 6-10PM.  Please Attend!

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