07 October 2012

Network Sharing Strategy

As content creators, we might adhere to a network sharing strategy.  Any such thing as unannounced is essentially the same as being close to the perimeter of friendship.  To share, as a friend, we confide.  Public announcement is for others who succeed in feeling that it was not enough for their eyes only to see.  This becomes the backbone of this strategy.

Rather than publicly announce things (Facebook and Twitter as public means of communication are like bullhorns,which can become quite obnoxious).  The better means is to whisper it firstly into the Direct Messages available.

So it goes:

Content Creator >> Private Announcement >> Bullhorns (in *'s)

If you are the creator of the content, don't be the bullhorn because that's the response after a private announcement.  Let others be the judge of whether your material is publish-worthy.

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