27 September 2012

Continually Trying to Promote Google: Why?

In this image, what you see is I have successfully inspired a group of local photographers to begin their own blog, using Blogspot.

This is a link on Facebook which directs traffic away from Facebook and onto their site.  Beyond that, I linked the Google Photos page where the slideshow is found in the link.

The issue here though is that the link for the photo slideshow is incredibly long, and does not contain a thumbnail.

Possible Solutions: 
  • Make it so that slideshows are linked at URLs that make sense.  For example:
With "NameOfAccount" listed as yourname@Gmail.Com (your login / email).  
  • Make it so that the link to the photo page generates a thumbnail of some sort. 
  • Possibly make it so that it's an animated thumbnail.  
In my opinion, the difference between Facebook and Myspace which caused the Mygration of my generation was: 
  • White Background looked cleaner and more transparent from a subconscious identity standpoint
  • Disallowance of animated gifs made the whole thing less distracting
  • Streaming wall revolutionized the personal wall feature
In order to successfully supplant both services, the teetering Facebook of post-IPO era as well as the Timberlake-endorsed new Myspace, is to continue along the path of Google Plus with a better incorporation of Blogspot community, which is already generating original content everyday. 

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