31 July 2009

Rainbow Mural Proposal

Rainbow location is top secret
Got an idea, to spruce up the neighborhood? while at the same time bring note to the upcoming top-secret SiteProjects celebration for New Haven's 375th anniversary next year?  The idea is essentially very simple.

There's a sign which has stencils and a half-assed NPR logo above Moe's on the building that faces Audubon St.  Half of the entire "Arts District" has clear visibility of this sign, and it's surprising that only the lowest common denominator of artists have complete control over one of the most visible walls to the art community in the city.

The goal is quite simple:  let's ask the building owner if we can "spruce it up for free."  In other words, we offer to re-paint it with a new theme, in something both artistic and with a positive message for New Haven (as well as for its history).

Kid Analog came up with a rudimentary preliminary design, looks like what you see below.
The idea behind it is simple.  There is a corner which is crossed diagonally with a rainbow.  That rainbow is missing 3 circles (reminiscent of the recent Varini work).  And it says "NHV 375, 2013" which is about as much information anyone needs for what it stands for.  As an art piece, hopefully it will generate conversation, and the right kind of conversation hopefully about the upcoming anniversary we'll be celebrating next year.  As for the cost, we can assemble a team of experts for a very low rate.  Estimates are $250 labor, and $100 materials, making it possibly the cheapest way of getting outdoor awareness space ever.

If an expert like Pat Shoemaker were to design the final version, it would look even better.  Stereomedia can do the footwork to get permission from the building owner to improve the signage.

Current appearance

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