04 June 2012

Where are the Chat Rooms?

Our communication systems are lacking one vital component:  the simple "chat room."  It's been lost in the ages of different social engines:  the Myspaces and Facebooks of the world.

The one most closely similar to the original chatroom is Twitter.  In New Haven, I've carefully selected a series of people who fall under different categories.

Now if people want instant news about New Haven, they can just look up a list.  The system rewards people who provide information, because that information is publicly available.  Not everyone will be a subscribed Twitter user, but they will be reaping the benefits of self-reporting using their system.

The lists are thoroughly picked from over 250 local people.  I expect that number to grow, but those are the folks already who are vocal and use the #NHV call signature.   Therefore, it makes more sense to group them in lists, which are available for the public to browse for free on Nhv.Org's main website page.  I'm working on developing a structure for it for mobile.  I built one that already exists (use mobile, see "lists").  However, this needs to be fixed (substantially).

(If I created an identical network, similar to Twitter, I'd make it slightly differently.)

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