18 May 2012

Review of New Blogger Interface

Hey, I'm not saying that y'alls out there are doing such a bad job.  But the new Blogger interface has me bugging out.  First of all, the biggest problem is this one right here:

That's one major huge issue. 

Apparently if you embed a video, and then convert to look at the HTML version of it, it's blocked from view by the video.  There's no way around this in the new version.  The problem doesn't exist in the old interface.  

Here's the old interface, looking and working just fine.  

The old interface would look even better, if it were more like this (note all the blank space over there?)

Oh snap!  A "preview mode."  How crucial. 

I just don't think that the persons in charge of Quality Control are really the ones out in the field.  That's why I'm recommending that Google develop a new "product" called "Field Agent" and it's an actual job.  I'd like to show you what a person with those kinds of responsibilities can do.  

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