23 January 2012

Game Concept: Multilinear Video

Try to imagine a videogame.

Good luck getting Lego's permission, though.  I'm sure if they found out about SpacePirate, the litigious society in Denmark would surely have something to say.

So the idea of the game is this.  You are a Lego Spaceman, and your mission is to control the stereo and regain control of Kid Analog's mind by defeating SpacePirate.  That sounds quite easy, right?

Wrong!  If you make bad decisions, you will end up getting stuck in the tape deck.  That's what you get for trying to defeat SpacePirate without any cleverness!

Such is the never-ending battle between them:  the alpha and omega.  The light and the darkness.  The matter against the Anti-Matter.  SpacePirate and Aristotle!

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