23 November 2010

New Favorite Song: Circadion: Revelations

Revelations (mix) by Circadion
Please don't call me on my checkered past.
Just when at last I feel like I could change.
Even now, the sky is thick and overcast.
Like in summers past when I would call your name.

(samples, break)

Memories and longing from so long ago
I don't even know how that could have been me.
Lost until you call me on your mother's phone
and then overgrown and overwhelmed by dreams

We were blessed with revelations beyond youth.
Unchecked revelation becomes truth.
relation becomes you.

and I guess desparation was undue
and my best education was untrue, but maybe i want to.
maybe i want you.

(samples, break)

Don't bother looking there in my old room,
it's an empty tomb where I no longer sleep
if you ever find me, I'll be all alone
At the old folk's home where I once used to be.

maybe in want to.
maybe i want you.
maybe i want to.
maybe i want you.
maybe i want to.
maybe i want you.

Max Heath, the creator of this song, is a Stereomedia Affiliate.
[soundcloud] [article on TNH-1]

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