23 November 2011

Costs of Running A Network.

One of the key elements of the Stereomedia Network is its pure affordability.  The overhead costs to run something like this are so minimal that anyone with a coffeeshop job can do the same.  

If you can afford $40 to go out for the weekend, why not spend it on stickers instead, and go out stickering instead of boozing?  Just a suggestion.

Also, if you can pay for your cellphone bill online, then you have the skills that you need to buy a domain name.  Once you own one, you can route it to any page you'd like, with forwarding (explaination of that, coming soon).

I get all my stickers from NextDayFlyers.Com
And I register my domains thru Fatcow.Com

The stickers go to a domain name, which are also rather inexpensive.

Recommended:  StickerJunkie.Com

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