15 October 2011

Making The Trailer: Understanding The Solar System

A preliminary video full of out-takes from day 1 of filming the new video, Aristotle Solar

Imagine you're like me:  a recently layed off solar worker.  You've got nothing else to do, but dream of your job, where you worked.

Let's say you had some other skills, such as writing and making video.  In addition, you took meticulous care of your childhood toy collection (just like your truck, when once upon a time you had a job).

Keep in mind that hardly anyone knows about solar electricity, and your mission in life is to educate as many people as possible on the subject of what life would be like if we used more PV.  By that, I mean there would be additional responsibility to those who were sharing their homes with photovoltaic systems.

How are people supposed to know?

We're supposed to tell you.  Who else but Lego Spacemen would you expect to describe and explain the message and meaning of solar electrical system design?  It's something everyone wants to know, and I have access to.  The information:  whether your home could run entirely on solar.

Details to the question abound.  What defines the type of inverter that I will need?  The segment that was extracted, of out-takes the other night, describe the portion (without audio commentary) of what determines the size of a disconnect.

In the world, there are basically only 30 and 60 amp disconnects.  Last time I checked, only two companies even made them:  GE and Square D.  Therefore, if a system amperage:

(Strings x ISC x 1.56)

Exceeds the rating of a 30a disconnect, a 60 becomes necessary.

About The Video

The video incorporates 3 different elements: 
  • 1980's Lego Spacemen
  • Armatron (a robot from RadioShack, vintage 80's). 
  • Line/Load:  The PV System Board Game
Only one of those things is technically the proprietary rights of Stereomedia, this organization.  But that's good because the point of the video is to explain the board game. 

For another look at the board game, check this out: 

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