01 September 2011

The Kid Analog Blog

All of my hand-drawn "cartoon" style art winds up over at the Kid Analog blog.  It's a storage place for my drawings.

Drawings such as "Paper Computer" (illustrated projects with themes) fall under a slightly different category and could have their own URL's on the Stereomedia.Org server.

But just random "comics" (cartoons which stand by themselves, or as part of a theme with characters) wind up over on the blog.

I update the blog several times a week, usually from my phone.  In there, I have a collection of over 1000 scans that I browse through occasionally, having accumulated that many drawings over the course of the last several years.

Give it a chance over there, it's usually pretty random.

(There's also a random collection of illustrations over on the old version of the site).

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