29 August 2011

What's with all this "Space Pirate" Stuff?

Space Pirate and Aristotle are a metaphor, for many different things.

Abbreviated as SP for Space Pirate and LSA For Lego Spaceman Aristotle.

There's a lengthy story about their exploits in Space which hasn't really been written yet.  The story exists, but it's only in my head.  I'd like to share that story with you someday, if time permits.

In the meantime, here is the important thing to remember:  LSA creates his own stuff.  SP modifies.  We've all been there, and could see ourselves as either modifiers or creators.  Most people on the internet are Space Pirates, in the sense that we hardly create anything ourselves.  Few can consider themselves to be LSA's, but the idea is to create more people who are able to design their own systems.

Operating Systems, in their current state, are great.  But they're far from being able to be modified.  Most software developers have made the irritating decision to come up with programs that work on both platforms.  Once Intel got Inside of the Apple, this probably became easier.

The most remarkable feature about Apple?  Your choice of colors in your operating system are graphite, and blue.  What kind of choice is that?  Not much, by anyone's standards.  But what's the point of modifying your Operating System's graphics?

Imagine a world where everyone who liked the style of, take for example, Kanye's awesome cousin Kai Jackson.  They wanted his hats, tee shirts, and clothing designs because they were so fresh.  Who's not to say they wouldn't want his operating system configuration?  It's like clothes for OS.

Therefore, Paper Computer takes on the task of teaching people how to customize graphics on paper.  It's a way of saying, hey eventually we're going to design something for you to more intensely integrate into a way of making it look really cool.

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