11 July 2011

Summer 2011

Touring With Flipbooks

August 1-September 31st
Stereomedia founder and president, Ian Applegate, is touring the NorthEast with a new brand of flipbooks.

You can pre-order the first one, and vote for which one is printed.
Full information is available on Flipbook Island Dot Com.

If you've met me, maybe I handed you a flyer or a page from a book...  Just remember that these interpersonal connections are more real than these Facebook friendships.

However, if you'd like to befriend me on Facebook, you may click here...  Ha!  Just kidding.  Click here.

About this drawing
You can tour the northeast via motorcycle.  All you need is a backpack and a lot of motivation.  Many kids travel on a bicycle, or with no transportation at all.  I don't feel bad for them, nor do I feel like I'm any better.  I just have a different mode of transportation, which allows me to conduct my operations much easier.  One thing that I do not have are accommodations.  I will be living in alternative living spaces, which is fancy terminology for trees.

As you can see, the roads that I choose are not highways.  It is not fun to be on a highway while riding a motocycle.  People's AC coolant drips in your face, and the speed is a little too fast to recover from.  Plus, the 18-wheelers going 75 can throw you around, especially if your motorcycle was made by Radio Flyer.  So I stick to the local routes and the backroads.  It might take a little longer, but it's still much safer.  Sometimes the scenery is kind of nice, too.

This is a top-secret place to swim in CT.

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