11 July 2011

Music And Internet: The Relationship From Space!

Conceptual Ideas About Music 

Okay, you are not really a complete animal until you learn how to sing like a futuristic one.  

In other words, you play an instrument.  

The world should encourage you to record and share what you produce with that.  I'm a part of that world. 

But you don't want to get used for your songs. 
That's fair.  You don't want to become obscure or un-noticed.  That's clear, as well.  You'd like it if you could collaborate with the perfect people, but they're never really around when you need them.  
Until Now.

That's what I'm introducing.  It's a channel for you to upload all of your audio clips of yourself playing music.  You are limited to a certain amount of file size.  It will start smaller than an MPC2000 as to what that size is, in case you would like a hint, at first.  The success depends on the involvement by paid subscribers, who are reimbursed for their payment, as well as potentially given royalties, for the music that they create in the community.  

We can start with New Haven. 

Step One is a pilot program.  This essentially works as such that you are to get a group of musicians together, by giving them FTP hosts, passwords, and the skills (knowledge of how to ulpoad songs to the server).  They will also be given a set of key commands.  That are, for example, you must name the file by the type of swing it has, by percent, using your best judgement.  What key you think it's in, hopefully having tuned your instrument.  And the tempo in BPM, if you would also, as well.  That way, other artists can browse the network seaching for "Cello" 

The other thing is that members can borrow from other members, and this serves as "Credits."  Credits can work in either direction.  it's important to offer and give as much as it is to receive. 

That "cello" brings up the awesome cello artist, Nathaniel Botranger Merriweather III.  Take that folder and you find also the key and tempo you need for your musical piece.  

There is a very good chance that it will work.  If it doesn't, there is also a good chance that you can re-arrange it, and it will sound just fine if you are good at editing.  

Now you need drums.  Run another search for drums.  Soon you will have soloist performers, such as people who just want to play drums by themselves for 15 minutes on stage.  What about a band where each performer did a 15-minute solo set, prior to playing complete as a band?  Or where certain members sing songs about other members, and the ones the songs are about have spotlights that are red, while the ones singing the songs have the green spotlights?  That's synesthtastic!

That's what I envision, eventually for the Stereomedia server.  Even if it is humble in scope, it doesn't need to be an internationally recognized thing.  It doesn't need to become popularized, or marketed.  It just needs to work, and it most importantly needs to make people happy in order to make sense enough to have in our lives.  

That is all.  

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