28 December 2010

Make A TV Show Set

This article was written to help you learn how to build your own TV station, using nothing but some old plastic bricks you found in the attic.

The actual article is here.

I'm really relating to people this idea that you should try out this basic CAD software.  I think that it makes for a great exercise for schoolkids.  It would make a great afterschool program to have guided sessions of Lego building in classrooms using the Lego Digital Designer Software, which is free for MAC and PC on their website.  That link is Ldd.Lego.Com

That's what is so amazing about Lego Digital Designer software.  You can actually have the instruction manual sent to you, with all the pieces, in a custom made box when you're done with your project.  That's kind of amazing, isn't it?  In fact, it's so incredible, that you can purchase your own custom-built Stereomedia sattellite TV Station on the website.

Stay tuned for more great ideas on how to make life interesting, here on STEREOMEDIA!!!

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